Motorists still prefer petrol and diesel over electric (for now), survey finds

78 per cent of drivers wouldn't swap their motor for an electric vehicle, despite recognising fuel savings

Motorists still prefer petrol and diesel over electric (for now), survey finds
Motorists aren’t so charged up about electric cars, according to survey findings.

A new survey conducted by online car servicing provider, Servicing Stop, asked motorists if they were planning on purchasing an electric car; or even considering it, and overwhelmingly the answer was no.

The survey asked more than 1,300 motorists what; if anything, attracted them to electric vehicles and almost a third said it was the lower driving costs.

More than 90 per cent of motorists believe that electric cars are a cheaper alternative over conventionally fuelled vehicles.

The second most popular answer was the positive effect electric cars can have on the environment and more than a quarter of motorists said that the government grant of up to £4,500 was attractive.

A further 11 per cent said that the lower service costs of electric vehicles was a bonus.

However, 71 per cent think electric cars are “ugly”.


CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond said: “With so many big time brands bringing out an electric range and with the government offering financial incentives, I am surprised to see just 22 per cent of motorists considering the change.

“Perhaps we all just need warming to the idea but anything that provides cheaper running and servicing costs is a great idea in my eyes and that’s still a great number of people moving onto electric vehicles.

“As we get ready to welcome a new fleet of electric cars into our garages, we are on another recruitment drive for garages with the facilities to service all things electric.

“We are always looking for more garages to join our increasing network of 1,500 which we have already given £60m to since starting and if you’re ready for the electric enlightenment, even better.”

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