Servicing Stop chief executive officer questions new MOT rules

Online car servicing provider has spoken out about the new MOT test changes coming this May

Servicing Stop chief executive officer questions new MOT rules
Oly Richmond, Servicing Stop chief executive officer and founder.

Oly Richmond of Servicing Stop has described the new changes as “pragmatic yet problematic” and “monumental in the demonisation of diesel vehicles.”

He said: “The new changes are clearly being introduced in a bid to bury diesel vehicles once and for all.

“The new regulations which see the smoke limit test halved makes the test extremely difficult for a diesel car to pass.

“While the test changes are coming down hard on diesel drivers, it’s not making life easy for our mechanics either.

“A driver of a car with a tampered with DPF will now have to cough up evidence.

“This will no doubt create lengthy and unnecessary dialogues between busy mechanics and confused motorists over why and how they provide this evidence.

“What evidence is needed and why?

“What are our mechanics then going to do with this evidence?

“Challenge for mechanics”

“Aside from confusion over diesel particulate filters, motorists will generally be baffled about the new pyramid of faults.

“For years we have had advisory items and fails; this is currently an easily navigated system understood by all drivers.

“The new trio of minor, major and dangerous faults will not only take a while to comprehend for drivers, it’s also going to be a new challenge for mechanics trying to advise customers, especially on those dangerous faults which mean you simply can’t let that vehicle go.

“While I think there may be hurdles along the way, hopefully the new changes can help cut emissions and make car servicing more transparent and effective at keeping dangerous vehicles off the roads.”

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