Servicing Stop reports on the benefits of joining their network

The business works with 1,500 independent garages across the UK

Servicing Stop reports on the benefits of joining their network
Oly Richmond, chief executive officer and founder of Servicing Stop.

Servicing Stop says independent garages can boost their revenue by joining their network, whose members are reported to share £60 million.

A spokesperson said: “Every day, thousands of customers across the country book their car services, MOTs and repairs.

“Last year alone, the website received four million visits.”

By offering free collection and delivery with every MOT, service or repair, it reduces the fuss for the motorist.

“With 1,500 garages throughout the UK, we are able to offer the best rates to customers, coming in at up to 60 per cent less than main dealers.

“When they book, customers know they will not only get a great service, they will also have their warranty protected and have peace of mind knowing that they can hold Servicing Stop to account in the event of a complaint.”

It is claimed that garages see up to ten extra jobs a day once they have joined the network.

Servicing Stop garage members are reportedly able to update, revamp and grow their own facilities as a result of the extra income.

Garages still in control

While Servicing Stop offer garages on their network a continuous stream of work, there is no pressure put upon them to accept the work.

Servicing Stop chief executive officer and founder, Oly Richmond, said: “Joining our network isn’t just about being part of UK’s largest centrally controlled network of garages – it’s about reaping the benefits that membership involves.

“Not only will you receive more work as a result, you’ll also receive industry news and updates, as well as access to some of the high-tech used by our members that boosts average job spend by as much as 60 per cent!

“We’re here to help our garages grow and develop. Our mission is to transform the whole industry by making it convenient, affordable and trustworthy.”

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