Brake repair costs revealed by region in report from

The national average cost of brake repair is £188.21, according to data from the report

Brake repair costs revealed by region in report from
As the most expensive for brake repairs based on data from WCFMC, Jaguar comes out as over fifty per cent more expensive than Fiat.

After analysing the tens of thousands of individual estimates, (WCFMC) has created averages for ten major UK cities for the price of brake repairs.

The report also reveals which car brands have the highest and lowest costs associated with brake pads and disc repairs.

Surprisingly, based on WCFMC’s analysis of the prices for cambelt repair and replacement, Edinburgh and Glasgow came out on top as the most expensive areas, defying expectations that southern regions would be the most costly.

A spokesperson said: “The most expensive city on our list is, on average, 36 per cent more expensive than Birmingham, which is a significant difference.

“It is also interesting to note the 16 per cent disparity between Liverpool and Manchester, two cities which are only forty miles apart.”

Brand trends

Premium car brands are consistently more expensive to repair than their cheaper counterparts.

Comparing the car brand with the highest repair costs associated with brake pads and discs with the one with the lowest, there is a whopping 52 per cent difference between Jaguar and Fiat.

Fiat is almost ten per cent less expensive than the second Smart showing that the Italian brand is definitely doing something right when it comes to manufacturing.

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