“I was paying thousands for advertising” garage owner’s secret to success

Ala Miah, of Autowerke in London, quit his job as an accountant to open a garage

“I was paying thousands for advertising” garage owner’s secret to success
Ala Miah went against the grain to follow his dream and run his own business.

Ala Miah of Autowerke, London, had always expected to become a doctor, lawyer or accountant; however, after spending 15 years working in London’s financial district he decided to buy and run an independent garage.

After buying the garage and leaving his accounting career behind, it soon became clear to Ala that running a garage would require much more than his experience of working in one for £20 a day had provided him with.

“People didn’t trust me at all, unfortunately that is the nature of the business.

“I was paying thousands of pounds for advertising, but that wasn’t as effective as I would have hoped.”

Despite being new to the industry, his understanding of people and principles of customer service helped Autowerke to flourish.

“I treat every single one of my customers like a friend and show them exactly what will happen during the time their car is in my garage.

Golden reputation

“The trust has been built up over the years and the business is doing well, thanks to the hard work of the team and our belief in doing things properly.”

Autowerke is a member of WhoCanFixMyCar, a platform where independent garages can find customers, and has won over 220 jobs as well as carrying a 4.8 star rating from the drivers who found the business through the site.

“It’s a brilliant tool for garages to find business, as it is easy to use and there are so many drivers looking for garages online.

“It gives me the opportunity to get my business out there while showcasing my reputation with the reviews left on my profile page.”

To find out more about WhoCanFixMyCar.com click ‘more details’ below.

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