Garage owner diversifies by selling new cars in ‘virtual showroom’

Entrepreneurial approach sells 21 new vehicles since September 2015

Garage owner diversifies by selling new cars in ‘virtual showroom’
Murdo MacIntosh, owner of M M Auto Services in Dundee.

A keenness to diversify led garage owner Murdo MacIntosh down an unusual route for an aftermarket workshop – that of selling brand new cars but without ‘the metal’ on the forecourt.

But then Murdo likes to run a lean operation.

The workforce at his M M Auto Services in Dundee consists of just him, a qualified technician and an apprentice.

As a Servicesure Autocentre Murdo was alerted to the option of selling new cars and vans following an introduction to Car Leasing Bargains, operators of a ‘virtual showroom’ that is offered exclusively to the network on a franchise basis.

The results have been excellent with selling 21 new vehicles since September 2015.

“It is a great opportunity for us; not only is the sale a valuable income stream but we regularly pick up the follow on business,” said Murdo.

Murdo said not having the vehicles on the forecourt isn’t a disadvantage.

The potential purchaser is offered a wide choice and finance options to suit their needs, including personal and business contract hire.

Sales to date have ranged from a small entry model Kia to an Audi QUATTRO.

Murdo MacIntosh, said: “We became a Servicesure Autocentre through our main autoparts supplier Dingbro about four years ago because, among other things, it gives us the kudos of being ‘Motor Codes approved’ and we have also benefited from many savings from workwear to garage insurance.

“They introduced us to Car Leasing Bargains who have assisted greatly and initially we left it but the market started changing and we saw it as an exciting new option.

“It makes us an unusual mix of aftermarket garage but with a new car sales concept; it’s a way of stretching out to new customers.”

To find out more about the benefits of ServiceSure, please follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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