Video: What advanced driver assistance systems mean for your workshop

Fresh warnings that garages remain unaware about how ADAS is affecting the work they carry out

Video: What advanced driver assistance systems mean for your workshop
Incorrect or faulty ADAS calibration can illuminate a dashboard warning light and can result in incorrect function or complete deactivation.

With truly impressive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) becoming increasingly prevalent on the UK’s roads, GWTV attends a HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS awareness course to report on what the technology means for independent garages.

ADAS is becoming increasingly common on our roads with many new cars already equipped with the likes of blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking and park assist.

It’s thought that by 2020, forty per cent of all new vehicles will be fitted with ADAS but there’s warnings that many garages remain unaware about how these systems are already affecting the work that they carry out on a daily basis.

Speaking to GWTV, Neil Hilton of HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS warns that technicians are putting themselves at risk if they’re unaware of ADAS.

This GWTV report first featured in GW Views, click here to find out more about ADAS.

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