Carbulance: the ultimate mobile workshop

Ex-ambulance boasts workbench, toolboxes housing specialist tools and equipment, lights and even a heater

Carbulance: the ultimate mobile workshop
Search for Carbulance on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you’ll find pictures and comments about Kevin’s van posted by those that have happened to see it out and about.

GW Views chats with Kevin Thompson, owner of Carbulance in Herne Bay, to find out how he’s attracted so much attention on social media.

It’s a given that workshops should have a strong online presence, but maintaining a steady flow of witty posts on your Facebook and Twitter feeds can be a time-consuming task when you’re a small business and even more so if you’re a one-man-band like Kevin.

Speak to any marketer and they will tell you that it’s all about brand awareness – almost like a subliminal message for prospective customers that will remember the amusing meme that you posted when the service light illuminates on their car.

So, what if your social media presence could be boosted by others who freely decide to promote your business to their friends, family and local community for you?

That’s exactly what Kevin achieved with his Carbulance, an ex-ambulance converted into the ultimate mobile workshop…

This article first appeared in GW Views, click here to continue reading and find out more at Kevin’s garage business.

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