Watch: GW reader reviews EDT Automotive’s auto transmission machine

Horton Cars in Buckinghamshire tests out the transmission cleaner his workshop for GWTV

Watch: GW reader reviews EDT Automotive’s auto transmission machine
For graham, it’s EDT’s pay-as-you-go concept that makes it an attractive proposition for independents because it eliminates financial risk.

Designed to help garages take advantage of a profitable revenue stream while also offering long term benefits for vehicles, the auto transmission machine from EDT Automotive removes accumulated contaminants that build up over time.

Reviewing the machine for GW, Graham Lange of Horton Cars in Buckinghamshire said both he and his customers have been impressed with the results.

The machine undertakes automatic transmission fluid exchanges, removing old fluid and flushing the transmission through with a bespoke cleaner replenishing it with new fluid and conditioner.

EDT Automotive say it results in smooth gear changes, improved power delivery and fuel economy.

This video first featured in Garage Wire Views, click here to go to the magazine now.


For more information about EDT Automotive or to arrange a demonstration in your workshop, call 01233 712 341 or click ‘more details’ below.

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