Independents face AGM battery challenge

Start-stop batteries take longer to replace, require battery validation device and have specific fitting procedures

Independents face AGM battery challenge
ECOBAT Battery Technologies say there’s still considerable confusion in the market when it comes to battery replacement for vehicles that incorporate a start-stop function.

Necessary to enable the vehicle manufacturers to introduce the start-stop technology, the predicted growth in AGM battery replacement has failed to materialise.

ECOBAT Battery Technologies claim it’s because AGM batteries are not being used in the way they were designed.

In a press release, battery distributor said: “The AGM battery is a formidable piece of engineering that, unlike a traditional SLI battery, is designed with a high cyclic (charge/discharge/recharge) capacity and the ability to recharge extremely quickly.

“Over their design life, which was projected to be around four years, they are expected, due to the vehicle’s start-stop system, to make 350,000 engine starts, compared with the 30,000 expected by an SLI battery in a non start-stop vehicle…”

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