Watch: Revive turbo cleaner review

A and A Autos has its say on the Revive Turbo Cleaner for GWTV

Watch: Revive turbo cleaner review
A and A Autos reports on pleasing results.

Oxford-based A and A Autos has reported pleasing results in its review of the Revive Turbo Cleaner, which is designed to be sprayed into the vehicle’s air intake system before the turbo inlet while the engine runs.

Available for both petrol and diesel engines, the diesel treatment is reported to be particularly effective at overcoming over-boost issues with Variable Geometry Turbochargers where soot and oil can cause the turbo vanes to stick.

However, as many other technicians are likely able to relate to, garage owner Anthony Mault told GW Views that he was sceptical at first.

For further information about the Revive Turbo Cleaner, select ‘more details’ below.

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