Halfords to open 100 new workshops and invest in staff training

£60M to be spent on opening new centres and to improve the firm’s fitting and repair service

Halfords to open 100 new workshops and invest in staff training
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Halfords new chief executive has unveiled plans to plough more money into the business – £60m a year rather than £40m.

The investment plan also includes updating its retail branches and revamping its online range.

It means profits will be flat in the financial years to the end of March in 2019 and 2020 before an expected mid-single digit percentage annual growth thereafter, the company has said.

The news sent shares in the FTSE 250 firm down more than six per cent

There are currently 316 Halfords Autocentres and the firm wants to open a further 100.

Mobile fitting and repairs

The retailer has also trialled mobile vans that offer a car parts fitting and repair service on people’s driveways, and wants to roll them out across the UK.

Halfords chief executive, Graham Stapleton said: “We are a strong and growing business, that benefits from a solid financial platform and highly experienced and capable colleagues.

“However, customer behaviours and the competitive environment are changing and we face an increasing number of headwinds.

“Our new long-term strategy means we will become far more focussed on the categories we are best known for, motoring and cycling.

He added: “We have an exciting future ahead and I am confident that we will become even more relevant to motoring and cycling customers in the future.”

Related: Halfords launches breakdown service with incentives to encourage drivers to its Fast Fits

Just last month, the fast fit announced the launch of a new breakdown recovery service for cars, vans, motorbikes and push bikes.

The news prompted an amusing response by many GW readers.

Wyn Humphreys said: “Handy that, they can collect the cars that they been working on.”

Heather Baldwin said: “Lots of headlamp bulbs fitted by Halfords are in upside down, how could you trust them to repair your vehicle or even recover it.”

Do you think the extra £20M investment could see Halfords improve the quality of its servicing and repairs, as suggested by the chief executive? Share your comments below.

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    Alexander Mcintosh

    Looking for service manager job if availed

    #164853 Reply


    Oh dear even more cowboys to compete with !!

    #164854 Reply

    Jonny Bravo

    Most the time they cant even fit a bulb correctly, I wouldn’t trust them to service my nans zimmer frame!

    #164855 Reply


    Still, on the upside , it will take a few MORON’S off the street’s to staff them I suppose, every cloud and all that !!

    #164856 Reply

    mark mitchell

    gregf i will tell you my mate steven is a manager with them he is not a moron he is a muppet for the first class i would not let him fit a bulb because he would mess it up no kidding

    #164857 Reply


    Good luck finding staff, especially when it’s 7 day a week outfit.

    #164859 Reply


    Halfturds!!!!! O dear more botched bulbs.

    #164861 Reply

    Simon James

    ah love it weekend want to be mechanic fixing a weekend want to be mechanics car the only thing that creates is more money for the real garage to repair what they messed up . just like kwick fit and mr clutch so called techs no background and no experiance required no wonder the trade going to the dogs and no one wants to be a mechanic

    #164863 Reply


    While I agree with all of the above they will still attract customers via large scale marketing campaigns.
    Some of these customers will be upset by the quality of service and never go back.
    The real motor trade will still have lost the £100 ++++ that they were charged on the first visit.

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    All the time that they are screwing peoples cars, and then coming to us to get repaired properly, i don’t see it as much of a problem.
    I don’t need to make them look bad, not when they are dropping tools inside mercedes engines and stuffing them up.

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