Holidaymakers left stranded at UK airport as car park ceased trading without warning

Owners scrambled to find their keys with some having to call an auto locksmith because their keys were lost

Holidaymakers left stranded at UK airport as car park ceased trading without warning
Owners had to find their own keys on their return from holiday with some having to call locksmiths after their keys were lost. Image: Bigstock.

Owners of hundreds of cars returning home were left stranded after the airport car park they were using ceased trading.

Around 300 keys were left in a holdall on an information desk at Bournemouth Airport leaving passengers to find their own keys and cars.

Airport staff tried to help, and even drove passengers half a mile to try and find their cars in the BOMO car park.

One group of four friends from Southampton were left stranded at the airport after their keys were lost in the chaos.

They were forced to call out an auto locksmiths to get into their vehicle.

Lost keys

Another woman, Mrs Russell said: “We had no message from the company explaining what’s happened.

“But to come back and find that your keys have been lost and you can’t get home is really upsetting.

“The airport staff have been really helpful and it’s not their fault this has happened.

“It’s just such a shame that we’ve had a wonderful holiday and then this happens as soon as we come back.”

In a statement on its website, BOMO Parking Services said: “BOMO Parking Services has ceased trading with immediate effect.

“All vehicle keys have been hand delivered to Bournemouth Airport information desk for customers to collect on their return from holiday.

“BOMO Parking Services has been the target of a sustained attack online and offline by a known individual, which has had a catastrophic effect on the trading position, causing closure.”

Vandalism attack

Three weeks prior to the closure two customers’ cars were defaced, valeting equipment damaged and CCTV camera tampered with in a vandalism attack.

An airport employee said staff from the company had been at the airport on Tuesday and had not given any suggestion that anything was wrong.

Paul Knight, managing director at Bournemouth Airport, said: “A representative, purportedly from BOMO Parking Services, an independent business which provided off-site parking and is not related to the airport, deposited a holdall at the airport information desk and left immediately.

“The bag contained a large number of keys.

“Our staff are proactively assisting affected passengers by ferrying them from the airport to collect their cars from the site.”

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