Independent garage owner praises EDT engine cleaner

Multi-award winning range helps independent garage deliver improved vehicle driveability to customers

Independent garage owner praises EDT engine cleaner
The new EDT machine comes with improved filtration and ease of use.

Steve Russell, owner of Russell Automotive Centre in London, has praised EDT’s engine cleaning machine.

Steve said: “I receive a great many contacts from companies that claim to transform how my customers’ cars will perform.

“How true to their word these organisations are tends to be a bit of a hit or miss affair, but after reading about EDT’s revolutionary engine cleaner, I was keen to have a play with the unit to see if its performance really did back up the manufacturer’s claims.

“I’m glad to say that my experience is one that belongs firmly in the hit column.”

The technology removes dirt, grime and deposits that can build up inside an engine over time, causing performance, driveability and economy issues.

The EDT treatment is simple to administer; after connecting the EDT machine to the oil filter housing and the sump drain hole, the machine will pump around a cleaning oil that removes the build-up of carbon that has formed over time.

As the cleaning oil is pumped it is filtered by a three-micron filter, preventing the carbon from re-contaminating the engine.

Dirty deposits

Steve added: “It’s incredibly easy to pick up and the automated nature of the machine is great, as once it has started the process you can go off and work on other jobs until the treatment is complete.

“Another great thing about the treatment, from a garage – and customer – point of view, is that there’s a transparent tank on the unit that allows you to see all the dirty deposits that are being removed while the treatment is taking place.

“You can literally witness the fine filter getting dirtier right in front of your eyes, giving you the opportunity to show the customer all the rubbish that you’ve removed from the engine.”

EDT recommends that garages arrange a thorough demo with the sales team on how to use the unit correctly beforehand, just as was arranged for the technicians at Russell Automotive.

The first car to receive a comprehensive engine clean was Steve’s Audi A5.

Steve said: “I noticed immediately that the engine seemed to feel free again – it certainly revved more easily and some of the lost torque had returned.”

Having experienced the dramatic difference for themselves, the team felt confident in promoting the service to their customer base, and say that they have had great success over the last few months.

For more information about EDT Automotive, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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