Independents respond to new MOT training and assessments

GW readers share their views on the newly DVSA enforced MOT training and assessments

Independents respond to new MOT training and assessments
Training must be completed before 1st April, 2017.

90 per cent of independent garages are fully aware about the requirements of new MOT training and assessments but many are concerned about how affective these changes will be when it comes to improving testing standards, a GW reader survey has revealed.

One respondent said: “I could not believe how easy it was to pass.

“I was expecting a bit of a challenge but completed the first attempt in seven minutes, completely unaided, and my score was 83 per cent.”

Another commented: “How can this possibly be construed as training?

“If a question is wrongly answered you are given the correct answer.

“It is purely and simply a cost-cutting exercise for the DVSA, nothing else.”

Almost three quarters of the survey respondents would agree.

Skills investment

Just two in ten believe the new system is a ‘skills investment’ while the majority showed strong opposition to the increased tester costs, including one respondent who argued that it’s “another nail in the coffin for small independent operators”.

A number of respondents claimed that some of the assessment questions were either incorrect or irrelevant.

One said: “The questions were vague and sometimes contained two possible answers.

“Advisories are optional, so how can you possibly have a multiple-choice question containing the answers ‘pass’ and ‘pass and advise’?”

The findings also highlight concerns that the new system could be open to abuse.

One respondent wrote: “I heard of a garage that was going to get the apprentice to spend a day completing the training and assessments for the whole team.”

Another said: “This new system is crazy.

“Before you had to physically attend a course put on by the very people who monitor it.”

This article first appeared in GW Views, click here to continue reading and find out everything you need to know about MOT training and assessments.

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