Kids leave a £30K trail of destruction at Leeds garage

Garage owners "failed by the system" as three of the vandals face no action while one is issued with a caution

Kids leave a £30K trail of destruction at Leeds garage
Devastation: the scene at Parkside Garage following a rampage of vandalism. Image: Darren Idle.

Vandals  three younger than 10 and one aged 11  left £30,000 worth of damage at Parkside Garage in Leeds.

The owners were left with a number of written-off vehicles, have been forced to lay off one employee and has had to close the body shop part of the business.

Three of the youngest children face no action due to their age, while the oldest has been issued with a conditional caution.

“Not getting anywhere”

Darren Idle, who runs the garage with his wife Angela, said: “We [feel] failed by the system.

“We feel like we’re not getting anywhere or getting any justice.

“I know that when I was 11, I knew right from wrong and my two daughters did from a very early age.

“My 13-year-old daughter has even asked the youth panel hearing if she can meet the older boy face to face to ask why he has done this.”

“Serious offence”

Inspector Richard Clarke, of Leeds South neighbourhood policing team, said: “This was obviously a serious offence which resulted in a considerable amount of damage caused to the vehicles and a thorough investigation was carried out.

“Due to the young age of those involved, one of the suspects was prosecuted and received a youth conditional caution.

“Decisions on the appropriate method of dealing with young people involved in crime are considered very carefully and the Crown Prosecution Service are routinely involved at an early stage.

“In cases where the offenders are children, the opinion of specialists within the Youth Offending Service is also sought.”

Have you had any similar experiences of vandalism at your workshop? Share your comments below.


  1. Why are the parents not being held responsible ?

  2. Children are too young! What a joke. So does that mean if you need to ruin someones business get the kids to do it? The parents had them and therefore are to be held responsible for their actions, so pay up! Sorry got no money on benefits, that will be the answer.

    • Absolutely spot on – below the age of 18 the parents’ are responsible, so they should face the consequences

      • Can’t do the time don’t do the crime. Age ten or not they should be punished.

  3. What are these kids doing in a Garage without supervision?
    Who is looking after them?
    Parents should pay without a doubt.
    What kind of people are they?

  4. I’m aghast, this behaviour should be treated the same as if an adult had done it. But my cynicism is telling me that it was.

    My sincerest to the garage owners. This game is hard enough without scum making it harder.

    Many years ago we found a jacket on a car that had all 4 wheels stolen off it on our pitch, in the jacket was a letter stating a court date for another crime the wearer had allegedly done along with obviously the name and address. Guess what the police did? answers on a postcard….

  5. Agree with all the above. The parents should be made to pay, at least that might (just might!) make them try and bring their kids up a bit better! But we’ve all heard the old refrain from these people “Oh, but he’s got his own business. He can afford it. My little Johny didn’t do no harm.”
    Makes me very angry! We’ve all worked hard for what we’ve got so why is someone else just allowed to take it away, whatever age they are.

  6. This is Totally wrong and so unfair on the garage to see their livelihood affected and taken away from them, yes i agree the law should be changed so the parents are responsible for their children’s actions, what has happened to good old fashioned discipline i may ask, at least the garage could then put a charge on their property if they owned one or of they are on benefits the money should come out and be deducted at source i know the garage would not get back their 30 k in one go but at least they would get it back, this is just disgusting mindless vandalism and really is no need for it at all, good luck and god bless this garage owner and i hope you get back on your feet very soon.

  7. makes me so angry I own a garage with car sales business. I have been no angel in my time but I knew not to cross the line and woo betide me if I did. No body respects peoples property or even the law any more because they know with red tape how impossible it is to pin them down. If the parents cant install discipline and respect in their kids they should be made to pay. Perhaps they wont be so quick to defend their little johnny so readily and show responsibility. A trait that is sadly lacking in this blame someone else “modern age”

  8. Thanks for all your comments over the damage to our garage .
    Yes the system is wrong and only there to protect the criminals.
    As regards the parents they have no money yes they are on benefits and no they are not allowed to deduct money (UNLESS YOU ARE A COURT OR COUNCIL / GOVERNMENT) and the powers at be state the parents are not liable for there children’s actions
    But once again thanks to all who have commented we will get through it slowly just got to get our daughter’s car (mini) sorted now so if anyone knows where to get a shell from please let us know we would be very grateful.
    Many thanks again darren & angy (Parkside garage leeds).


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