Kwik Fit revenues and profits fall

Newly filed accounts reveal turnover for the year to 31 March 2017 was £454.8M, down from £467.3M in 2016

Kwik Fit revenues and profits fall
The total number of its repair centres at the timing of fling the accounts was 619. Image: Google Street View.

Revenue and profit at Kwik Fit GB (Ltd) have dipped by £12.5 million, latest accounts show.

Pre-tax-profit also fell to £18.6 million from £21.3 million.

The fast fit has continued its programme of modernising its retail centres and development of retail offerings, incurring £14.5 million in capital expenditure during the year.

The company has now refurbished over 300 of its centres since the programme began in 2011.

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  1. The bad service and upselling of un needed parts and services is disgusting and rips many customers off with there stock line of “it’s a safety related item” and using scare tactics to sell to females particularly with children. over the years this company has had many bad reports for this including the latest from the mail. no wonder this trade has a bad name and there is a lot of distrust. we have seen many cars that have required no work at all after the owner going to quick for on a sunday with a puncture and then being told she needs brakes and shocks etc. and it’s not local it’s countr wide culture. DISGUSTING

  2. I’m wondering with the new Dvsa algorithms what Kwik fit profit will be. I think it will be clear soon that kwik fit fail more tyres and shock absorbers than anyone else.


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