MOT modernisation: protect your investments with Dura

With many garages investing in new IT hardware, Dura's diagnostic cabinets will reduce the risk of damage

MOT modernisation: protect your investments with Dura
Dura workshop cabinets are the ideal solution for storing equipment.

Whilst the new system will increase efficiency and allow technicians to enter the results whilst still in the test bay, it is important to protect any investment made in new IT hardware.

DVSA records show that 50 per cent of garages will use desktop computers, with 25 per cent opting for laptops and 13 per cent choosing tablets.

Dura’s computer cabinets work with any device and can be built into a combination bay alongside tool storage and fluid management systems.

The tall computer diagnostic cabinet stands 2m high and features a VDU window, sliding keyboard shelf, lockable cabinet to store the computers server and can be fitted with double power sockets and inner peg panels to maximise storage opportunities.

Also available is a mobile computer diagnostic cabinet which seamlessly matches the flexibility of the laptop it is built for.

With a flat worktop, side handles, a single lock cabinet for a printer or the laptop at the end of the day, and lockable castors this is a simple solution to your laptop storage needs.

A custom sized VDU screen and keyboard tray can be integrated into any part of your wall cabinetry, allowing you to design a technician bay that suits your individual company and technicians needs.

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