New GDPR rules could see more clocked cars on our roads, experts warn

Previous owner details to be removed from log book but it could mean dealers can no longer authenticate mileages

New GDPR rules could see more clocked cars on our roads, experts warn
Industry insiders have warned that the block to check a vehicle's history for free could see more clocked cars leaked into the market. Image: Bigstock.

New measures introduced by the DVLA to adhere to recently updated data protection rules could cause a spike in vehicle fraud and increase the number of clocked cars on our roads, according to experts.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has prompted the DVLA to insist that previous keepers’ details will be removed from a car’s V5c log book.

However, the move could create a new hurdle for motor traders when trying to check the legitimacy of mileage displayed in a second-hand vehicle.

Implications for dealers

Wendy Swaine, head of retail at Cap hpi, said: “With so many clocked cars on the road in the second-hand market, it’s important to undergo an investigation before purchasing.

“We appreciate the DVLA will be mindful of more stringent data protection legislation recently introduced.

“However, the change has many impacts on the way in which a mileage investigation is conducted as part of a hpi check or comprehensive manufacturer approved check.

“This change could have broader implications for the dealer network.”

The DVLA outlined their GDPR compliancy measures in a personal information charter.

Previously, the V5c log book included details of the previous keeper, but this will no longer be the case.

Existing V5c documents are unaffected until they are updated and re-issued.

Increased costs

Wendy added: “With the potential of increased cost to dealers, there is a risk that some may opt to forego a mileage investigation, opening themselves up to accidentally making a risky purchase, and then potentially being hit by the reputational damage to their business when the fraud is uncovered.

“It’s potentially a double whammy for dealers, the industry and the consumer, which is why we are urging the DVLA to look at the wider ramifications.”

Cap hpi figures suggest that one in 16 vehicles have a mileage discrepancy, one in three have a hidden problem and one in five has had a plate change.

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