TechMan’s six big benefits for ‘paperless’ garages

2016 saw a rapid shift towards paperless working, experts say

TechMan’s six big benefits for ‘paperless’ garages
TechView enables garages to take traditional paper information, like health check sheets or servicing schedules, and convert them into digital data to share on any internet-enabled device.

Garage workshop management system TechMan say there’s been a rapid shift towards paperless working through 2016, facilitated by TechView, the customisable electronic vehicle health check (EVHC) companion.

Leo Freebairn, national sales manager at TechMan said: “TechView delivers efficient and profitable mobile working.

“We’ve identified six core benefits of going paperless that drive financial returns straight to the bottom line of any garage.”

The first benefit of instant updates is no more waiting for job sheets.

As soon as a job’s allocated to a technician they can view it on their tablet or phone.

All updates also flow back from technicians immediately as work progresses.

Secondly, there’s no more missing information, instead technicians have everything they need, right where it’s required.

Bits of paper that get smudged or lost – or rely on unreadable handwriting – become a thing of the past.


Thirdly, there’s big time-savings to be made on administration. Job sheets updated at the click of a button mean less time’s spent by technicians writing out information. They can even link up to vehicle history.

After work’s done, there’s no copying data from paper, or keying into an Invoicing system either.

TechView also offers greater control. It’s fully configurable, so managers can ensure work is done right, information gets recorded and nothing’s forgotten.

Complete information is the best way to avoid damaging disputes with customers as everything’s clear, transparent and prompt; completed check sheets and can be sent to customers too.

Clear reporting

The fifth benefit of this end-to-end digital process is clear reporting. It’s quick and simple to analyse completed work using TechMan’s suite of tools.

This not only makes it easy to respond to any queries but also helps identify ways to streamline business, promoting focus on jobs that add to the bottom line.

Leo said: “TechView stops job sheets getting delayed or missed which tends to result in work not getting invoiced fully.”

Where future work is recommended as a result of a check, you can provide customers with estimates, then use TechMan to automatically create contact reminders when the time comes.

To find out more about TechMan call 01604 666720 or follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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