The benefits of strut top mountings

Febi Bilstein talks manufacturing competence with rubber metal

The benefits of strut top mountings
Connecting a variety of different parts, within different systems, rubber metal components are crucial for adding support and protection to many safety critical components.

With the increasing complexity of vehicle chassis’, it is vital that the quality of rubber metal parts comes under closer scrutiny.

Febi Bilstein supplies a range of over 2000 high quality rubber metal components, with OE grade rubber used on all bushes, as well as hydraulic bushings where applicable, ranging from Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen.

Strut mountings can incorporate a bearing or a bearing plate that allows the strut to turn with the vehicle.

The strut mounting acts as a coupling to the spring and shock absorber, connecting it to the body.

The damping force is absorbed separately within the mounting, which in turn insulates the vehicle’s body from suspension noise.

The mounting is designed to be stiffer in the lateral direction, influencing the driving dynamics and the steering response, reducing noise, vibration and harshness from the suspension.


  • Absorbs radial and axial forces.
  • Damping characteristic for improved driving comfort.
  • Maintenance free over entire service life.
  • Extremely high tensile strength and reliability.
  • Available in ProKits for the complete repair solution.

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