Video: Halfords advert gets banned for “encouraging dangerous driving”

Watchdog received two complaints about winter advert which has now been banned

Video: Halfords advert gets banned for “encouraging dangerous driving”
The Advertising Standards Authority banned the Halfords advert which featured a sped-up video of a car from the driver's point of view, driving along a winding road in snowy conditions. Image: Bigstock.

A Halfords advert has been censored because it encouraged dangerous driving, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled.

The advert, which aired in January 2018, featured a sped-up view from the vehicle’s windscreen of a snow-covered road which the watchdog said suggested the vehicle was being driven at high speed around several curves and bends in the road, accompanied with engine sounds.

In a statement, the ASA said: “The ASA understood that the ad showed sped up footage of the vehicle driving and that it was intended to encourage consumers to prepare for driving in the snowy conditions depicted.

“We noted that Halfords said the ad was not demonstrating how a normal person would be driving, but we considered that the type of road was recognisable as a real-life setting and therefore would be realistic to viewers.

“We considered that although no other vehicles or pedestrians were shown in the ad, the vehicle was shown on what appeared to be public roads and driving along several bends and curves on the roads at high speed.

“Because the view of the road was only from the vehicle’s windscreen, which at times included blind bends, we considered that heightened the perception of danger.

“We also noted that engine sounds along with drum beats were heard throughout the ad which reinforced the impression that the vehicle was being driven at high speed.”

The ASA received two complaints claiming the advert encouraged unsafe driving practices in snowy conditions.

On-screen text read: “Ready for quick getaways, we fit batteries from £15.

“Ready for anything, Halfords for life’s journeys.”

In response, Halfords said it believed that the TV ad showed dangerous driving because “the footage had been sped up to such an extent that it was clearly not real and therefore did not show unsafe driving practices”.

The retailer added that the advert encouraged customers to ensure their vehicles were properly prepared for bad driving conditions before undertaking a journey.

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    jim walker

    And were surprised ! NOT. Halfords and the other fast fit brigade try to push what is reasonable and legal all the time, mostly getting away with it Scott free, ie fitting headlight bulbs without checking beam image or alignment and charging big bucks for the privilege or fitting brake parts without testing performance on a brake roller tester. will somebody have to die before the authorities make this work illegal without the correct test equipment.

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    Martyn Wellfair

    Halfords have a purpose and a place and that has been true for a long time….

    2 people complaining is a drop in the Ocean..Im not a “fast fitter” though I have had complaints, like most people in our industry do, its simply not possible to please all the people…etc…

    lighten up people!…people will act as they see fit on the road..though common sense will prevail!…Advert or not!

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