Video: how to separate a corroded exhaust with a Mini-Ductor II

Induction Innovations explains how to easily and safely remove a corroded exhaust in nine simple steps

Video: how to separate a corroded exhaust with a Mini-Ductor II
One way to prevent premature issues with your buddy bearing coil is to use a plumber's mat.

Inductor Innovations have released an instructional video to show you how the bearing buddy coil can be used to separate a rusted and corroded exhaust; which can be a particularly time consuming and frustrating task.

The nuts securing the bolts rust easily and the corroded exhaust pipe can be extremely difficult to separate; luckily, this step by step guide shows how induction heat, applied via a bearing buddy coil and plumber’s mat, makes the process easier.

The effectiveness and safety of Mini-Ductor® Venom™ and Mini-Ductor® II induction heating tools is dependent on the state of the pre-formed coils used with them.

If the coils are subjected to abrasion and overheating it may cause premature wear to the coil.

Bearing buddy coils need replacing when the metal becomes exposed and/or turns brownish like standard coils.

Coils should also be replaced when they become brittle as they are made of finely twisted copper.

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