Young mum’s LPG tank explodes on forecourt

Mother describes the terrifying moment her car's gas tank valve 'exploded' in her hands

Young mum’s LPG tank explodes on forecourt
One fire crew attended the scene after Katie Wilkinson's LPG gas tank 'exploded'.

Emergency services responded to a call from a Wrexham filling station after an LPG-converted vehicle began leaking gas.

28-year-old Katie Wilkinson was with refuelling her car when the LGP tank valve “exploded” in her hands.

In the car at the time was her seven-year-old son, friend Rebecca Wide and two of her children, Sam, seven, and Shola, 10.

Miss Wilkinson said: “The valve on the LPG tank blew up and exploded in my hands and gas leaked everywhere.

“It was terrifying, we thought it was going to blow up.

“We were running to get the kids out of the car.

“I went to the people in the shop and told them to turn the tanks off.

“We had to push my car away without turning the engine on and then phone the fire service.

“I’ve had a bit of a freeze burn on my hands from the gas, so they’re a bit numb but we’re very lucky.”

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene but the cause is as yet unknown.

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