Airport meet and greet driver takes holidaymaker’s Audi S3 for 131MPH spin

Owner of five-month-old Audi left shocked after discovering valet service staff took his pride and joy for a

Airport meet and greet driver takes holidaymaker’s Audi S3 for 131MPH spin
The rogue driver hits 131mph in Sean's £50,000 Audi S3.

The owner of a Audi S3 was left shocked after discovering a Gatwick airport meet and greet driver took his pride and joy for a joyride, reaching speeds of up to 131mph down a dual carriageway.

Returning from a week in Portugal, Sean Beckerleg was immediately suspicious when he noticed his car had travelled more than five miles since he left it.

On a review of the dashcam footage, he realised that valet staff had illegally drove his car at excessive speeds on October 15, just 45 minutes after Sean left his car with the parking service’s drivers at Gatwick Airport’s north terminal.

Initially, the driver stays within the 20mph speed limit but as he leaves a series of roundabouts he accelerates to 77mph in seconds before going on to 131mph on a dual carriageway.

Sean said: “As soon as anyone switches my car on, it starts recording and it logs lots of different types of information from GPS, Gforce, the miles per hour, the date, time, everything.

“I can even live stream the video to my phone if I want.

“I was pretty annoyed when he did 70mph in a 30mph zone.

“But when I saw him doing 131mph in a 50mph zone I was livid.

“The roads were clear, but that’s irrelevant.

“I could have ended up with a speeding ticket or ban without even doing anything wrong.”

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