Body shop sets fire to E-type Jag during respray

Fuel line was slashed and sparks from a welder caused the devastating fire which destroyed the £130,000 1966 classic

Body shop sets fire to E-type Jag during respray
A charred shell is all that remains and is to be auctioned off for around £30,000.

A vintage E-type Jaguar has been left destroyed after mechanics accidentally cut through the fuel line.

Petrol trickled its way across the workshop to where a welder was working and sparks ignited the fuel.

The flames spread across the workshop and soon engulfed the £130,000 classic car, leaving the owner devastated.

The charred remains is to be auctioned at Historics of Buckinghamshire where it’s thought it could still fetch up to £32,000, despite it being officially recorded as a category B insurance loss.

Dominic Lake, of Historics, said: “It was an absolute one-in-a-million freak accident and I’ve never heard anything quite like it.

“After so many years of ownership the vendor was devastated.

“He will never truly replace a car like this.

“You can always get a new car and there are plenty of E-types about, but you can never replace the three decades of memories.

“You would constantly be comparing and contrasting and it would never stand up, which I think it one of the main disappointments for our vendor.

‘But there is a big market for E-types Jaguars, even ones in this condition can do well at auction.

“We have given it a pre-sale estimate of between £27,000 to £32,000.”

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