Furious resident issued with fine after double yellows were “painted under car”

Pensioner shocked to find council workers had painted double yellow lines underneath his parked car

Furious resident issued with fine after double yellows were “painted under car”
The council say the lines had been removed when the development was being built and so were now being repainted. Image: Bigstock.

An 82-year-old man received his first ever parking ticket after the council painted double yellow lines under his car.

Local say workers got on their hands and knees to paint the lines beneath vehicles parked in bay spaces which has been used by residents at a 35-flat block sine it opened 25 years ago.

Don Connell, who was one of the residents issued with a £70 parking fine said: “This is discrimination.

“He [the line painter] has gone down on his hands and knees to come and do this.”

Don’s neighbour, Coline Dent said: “I’m 82 – this is the first ticket I’ve ever had.”

Swindon Borough Council claims it had simply restored the double yellow lines that had been in place before the development, which began ten years ago in 2008.

“Road safety hazard”

The council added that a resident had complained that parking there posed a “road safety hazard”.

A spokesman said: “Unfortunately, for some reason the yellow lines on this particular section of the road were removed a few years ago.

“We believe this was at some point during the Cavendish Square redevelopment.

“We recently received a complaint from a member of the public about cars being parked in Royston Road creating a road safety hazard.

“It was then after examining our records that it became apparent the yellow lines had not been replaced.

“Our workmen put out signs warning residents that the lines would be repainted two weeks before the start of the works.

“These were repeatedly removed or vandalised with vehicles being parked in their place.

“We appreciate the frustration of residents, but the parking restrictions are in place to ensure road safety and to allow traffic to flow freely along Royston Road.”

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