Watch: Garden shed breaks land speed record at 101mph

Motorised shed broke a land speed record at Pendine Sands

Watch: Garden shed breaks land speed record at 101mph
The 'Fastest Shed' lived up to its name and beat its own record.

A motorised shed has broken its own land speed record, hitting 101mph at Pendine Sands in Carmarthenshire on Saturday.

The shed previously hit 80mph and owner, Kevin Nicks said it was “marvellous” to hit 101mph in what’s thought to be the only road legal motorised shed in the world.

Kevin spent more than £13,000 creating his shed on wheels, which is now powered by a 400bhp engine.

The vehicle started life as a Volkswagen Passat but had been left unroadworthy on Kevin’s drive before he decided to “do something a little different”.

Volkswagen Passat

He added: “I did everything, build the shed, connected the engine, build the chassis.

“The only thing I didn’t do was felt the roof.

“I then thought ‘I wonder how fast it could go’?

“I entered a few speed events and basically floored it.

“I hit 80mph to break the record, including the Guinness record.

“But it blew up so it needed some work.”

Two years and 20,000 miles later, Kevin spent £8,000 modifying the shed with an Audi RS4 engine.

“Comfortable at 100mph”

He said: “I’ve spent all winter doing it up and putting in a new engine and suspension, it’s so quick off the mark.

“I had no idea how fast it would go – and it went well.

“It felt comfortable at 100mph, I was pleased.”

Legendary past records that have been broken on Pendine Sands include Sir Malcolm Campbell hitting 146.16mph (235.22km/h) in 1924.

Prior to Kevin’s initial land speed run, the record for the fast shed belonged to Edd China who reached 58mph in 2011.

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