Mechanic caught selling fake MOT certificates at £100 each

Tester faces 13-month suspended prison sentence after he was caught out following anonymous tip-off

Mechanic caught selling fake MOT certificates at £100 each
30-year-old David Maddison sold 62 fake MOT certificates.

An MOT tester that pocketed hundreds of pounds having issued 62 bogus certificates without even seeing the vehicles has been caught out after an anonymous tip-off from a member of the public raised the alarm.

Grimsby Crown Court heard how David Maddison had been giving out fake MOT certificates for £100 each.

Maddison admitted fraud between January 17 and March 10 last year after checks revealed that 62 vehicles were given MOT certificates.

Jeremy Evans, prosecuting, told the court that Maddison worked at the time as a mechanic and MOT tester for a garage in Grimsby.

Maddison had been sacked for gross misconduct.

There was a £2,479 loss because of the fake MOTs but it was not claimed that Maddison was necessarily making £100 a time.

The owners of the vehicles concerned had be informed of the fake tests but some had been “vague” about what happened and their stories needed to be taken “with a pinch of salt”, the court was told.

“Real risk to others”

Recorder Caroline Wigin told Maddison: “When you did this and issued these 62 fake MOT certificates, you put everyone who drives on the roads at risk because the whole purpose of MOT certificates is so that there can be an assurance to others that cars are safe.

“That’s why the Government takes the issue of MOT certificates very seriously indeed.

“You were a trusted employee.

“You chose to issue fake MOT certificates 62 times.

“That has meant there are 62 vehicles on the road which you have put there which may be profoundly unsafe and a real risk to others.

“You did not think about that.

“You just thought about short-term gain to yourself.”

Maddison was given a 13-month suspended prison sentence and 300 hours’ unpaid work.

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    Richard Bruce

    just to reiterate on my previous comments, should have got at least 5 year inside, good job I don’t set the rules, also again no mention of the garage owners / management if control was done it would have been found out straight away.
    all these fake testers give us a bad name, he will probably be testing within 5 years again!!!
    sorry it makes me sick

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    mark mitchell

    this is going on in my area for years if you know the right people theres a station not far from me £100 they will mot and pass anything a lot off ford transits/ 4×4 we see this all the time but vosa will do nuthing to stop this i even sent them pictures of 1 i had in for a repair mot 3/4 before hand big holes in the rear chassis guess what no action taken this makes us all look bad vosa are too busy giveing us a hard time over silly stuff to shut these places down

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    Craig Ross

    The Dark Side!!
    Having looked at this problem as long as DVSA allow anyone who has got a NT ID card to “Logon” from anywhere … Mobile phone apps, Tablet apps, Laptops & PCs… at anytime 24hrs a day then this problem is only going to get worse … The publicity given to these crooks is only going to encourage more people to turn to the “Dark side”
    Surely we need to go back to the days where you could only use a dedicated LAN line & PC / Laptop that is DVSA approved…. It would be upto the garage to fund it. Alternativeley there could be someway of holding the I.P address of a device registered with DVSA & limit to 2 per mot bay.
    Luke Skystalker!!

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    ivor watson

    Hear what everyone is saying and it’s true but they have just
    Allowed 40 year old vehicles to go on public roads without an MOT ?
    What’s the difference

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    Peter Miles

    In reply to Craig’s post above. Yes, the current system of logging in from anywhere with any device is obviously flawed. But, in this case, do we know that he didn’t use the equipment provided by his employers?
    Speaking of which it’s obvious his employers had NO checks in place to monitor their testers. I know it isn’t a nice thought but you can’t just trust people to do their jobs properly I’m afraid.
    One thing I don’t agree with though is asking that testing stations fund even more equipment. I’ve just had to fork out £5,495 + VAT (which, OK, I get the VAT back) for a new emissions tester to meet the current requirements. In a way I don’t mind. My old one was 16 years old (but still working well!) but what stings is that still no increase in the permitted test fee.
    But, to get back on topic, to give a suspended sentence for deliberate fraud which could easily have resulted in a major accident is ridiculous. He should be inside now and for some years to come. That is how to stop this. And those who paid him for these passes (obviously they knew their vehicles weren’t roadworthy or they would got a legal test for less money) should be inside with him.

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    A man in government once said, if we did not trade with the criminals we’d have nobody to trade with!

    No point worrying about what you can’t do anything about, if the Government are happy with the design of the system of things, then it’s their system and their design, we can’t do nothing about it. A man in Government also once said, we’re not bothered what you think, just do as we tell you. Don’t bother putting too much time and effort into worrying about what others are doing, just look after number 1 and leave it at that, its the only person you can influence and make changes if you want to.

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    It’s a joke – the majority of us testers work hard to make certain that the cars tested are safe for the presenters of any vehicles and other road users.
    Now call me columbo why didn’t the garage notice ? the A & E (Authorised Examiner) if he or she was doing there job correctly on stats should have realised something was wrong.
    I am a mot station owner and full NT tester of class 1/2 4 & 7. It’s my job to make sure all is in order DVSA can visit unannounced anytime.

    We have full CCTV installed on the bike mot area and the main car/van area this covers my back so when a bike fails for wrong registration plates and another is put on only for the test we can confirm when tested it failed and retested passed if the presenter gets stop by the law for illegal plate (as we have had) they cannot state that it passed with the illegal plate. CCTV also confirms the test was done.

    One last thing all mot’s charge must be the same and we have not had a price increase for several years.

    Thank you to all whom have taken the time to read.

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    Joe Brookshaw

    common practice dodgy testers making a fortune ,bring back the days when the VOSA inspector use to call round unexpetly 4 times a year to check up on site

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    Alastair Mayne

    Yet again one bad apple is make the rest of us appear bad too. I agree with all of the points above, the dodgy tester should have been locked up immediately (not suspended) for allowing dangerous vehicle to be on the road, the owners of these vehicles should join him, and some action should have been taken against his employers for being so slack to allow it to happen.
    Then there is the subject of VOSA and pricing. We would be delighted if we were able to charge full retail price of £58.45 for MOT test but due to ‘market forces’ we cannot, having to charge £39.95 for a retail test. In their wisdom, VOSA have allowed 9 testing station within a mile of our garage on the same road and so everyone is discounting forcing us to do the same…

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