Police catch driver watching TV on M6

Image prompts social media reaction with barrage of claims of similar sightings

Police catch driver watching TV on M6
Image: @cmpg.

Officers from the Central Motorway Policing Group stopped a motorist on the M6 after they spotted him glued to his screen while travelling along the M6 towards Stafford.

The man was issued with a fine and told to keeping his eyes firmly on the road in the future.

The Central Motorway Policing Group tweeted a picture of the motorist and commented: “This driver was watching his favourite show on the M6 towards Stafford.

“We had to interrupt his viewing to issue him with a fine.”

The incident sparked reaction on social media with many reporting they had seen similar incidences on the motorways.

Scott Poole tweeted: “This is a growing problem, last evening whilst waiting for a bus four drivers, three in vans, were clearly on thier phones.

“It should be £1000 fine, seven days to pay, six points, safety course and retake test.

“No payment to court, £2000 and lose licence.”

Karen Caner posted: “Followed a woman one morning selecting and watching music videos on her phone while driving along.

“Not trying to hide it either with phone mounted in the dash.

“Why not just listen to the radio or a cd? Before I had a dashcam else would have reported it.”

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