Technicians rescue kitten from car dashboard

Cat escaped transport basket while the owner was driving and shot up behind the dash through a gap near the pedals

Technicians rescue kitten from car dashboard
Boris the kitten was eventually saved once the dashboard had been dismantled.

The owner of a kitten has been reunited with her cat after became stuck behind the dashboard of her Honda HRV.

The driver headed to Handsworth fire station in Birmingham where she was advised to get the dashboard dismantled by a vehicle technician.

Workshop service manager, Mark McDaid said: “I’ve only ever had one thing like this before with a previous company, when a car came in with a rabbit stuck in a bumper.

“But the second we moved the bumper, the rabbit jumped out.

“This was a lot harder but we knew the cat couldn’t get any further because of the bulkhead.

“We tried everything”

“We tried everything at first.

“One of the firemen had just bought a tuna sandwich, so we tried tuna – but Boris wasn’t interested.

“We then used a shoelace to see if Boris would play with that – and he wouldn’t.

“The technicians had to remove various trims and they gutted the bottom of the dash, but they were able to put it all back together again.

“We all stopped work to make sure the cat wasn’t frightened and thought ‘this is not going to beat us’.”

Boris the kitten was eventually rescued, much to the delight of his owner.

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