Tesco to cover customer repair bills after dodgy diesel caused engine failures

Retail giant initially rejected claims for compensation to cover cost of repairing damage caused contaminated diesel

Tesco to cover customer repair bills after dodgy diesel caused engine failures
Retail giant will pay for thousands of pounds of damage caused when drivers filled up with diesel at its pumps. Image: Google Street View.

Tesco has apologised and agreed to cover the bill for broken down vehicles that filled up with contaminated diesel at its Harlow fuel station.

The superstore initially dismissed owners claims for compensation but later issued its statement of apology after “at least ten people” came forward.

Gina Kleinhans said: “They fobbed me off with saying they tested the fuel but I’ve no way of knowing if it was the fuel that was put into my car as they never asked for a sample of it.

“In my opinion it was too much of a coincidence for this to happen to at least ten other people who used the same garage.”

“Fobbed me off”

A Tesco spokesman later said: “We temporarily closed the diesel pumps at our Harlow, Church Langley Petrol Station while we investigated a reported issue with the fuel.

“We are in the process of contacting all customers who have come forward to say that they have been affected and where we are found to have been at fault we will of course cover the reasonable costs of any repairs needed.

“We would like to apologise to customers who have been affected by the issue.”

The diesel pumps have been reopened following testing and investigation.

Gina Kleinhans added: “I just contacted Tesco this weekend to reinvestigate my case – it’s a slap in the face that they admitted liability this time, especially when they said nobody else had complained because I was in contact with two others that had.”

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