Updated parking signs confuse Bangor drivers

Signs informing motorists that they could park for up to "60 mins" have been replaced with "one hour" parking limits

Updated parking signs confuse Bangor drivers
Motorists have been questioning the need for the new signs.

Drivers are questioning why a number of parking signs that stated motorists could park for up to 60 minutes have been replaced with signs which limit parking for up to one hour.

It’s reported that at least four signs were updated as part of recent realm works in County Down, which cost £8m in total.

The cost of the four replacement signs is thought to be less than £100.

One driver said: “I think probably if they wanted to improve the sign in any way, they could have made it bigger but kept the information the same – it’s a waste of money.”

“No idea”

Terence Malcolm, from the North Down and Ards Road Safety Committee, said: “I’m really at a loss, I always thought an hour was 60 minutes but, seemingly, now it’s an hour in High Street.

“I have no idea why they changed them, somebody told me a change in the legislation was coming.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Infrastructure told the BBC: “After the recent extensive public realm works in Bangor the parking and waiting legislation needed to be refreshed to reflect the new parking layouts and associated waiting restrictions from one street to the next.

“This process included rationalising the signs to accurately reflect the physical extent of the new restrictions on the ground and to have them reflect the same language from street to street.

“This also means that the wording on the signs accurately reflects the wording in the new legislation.”

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