Video: dash cam footage foils cyclist “crash for cash” attempt

Cyclist caught in foiled insurance fraud attempt after throwing self in front of oncoming car

Video: dash cam footage foils cyclist “crash for cash” attempt
Bizarre moment cyclist throws himself in front of car caught by the driver's dash cam.

Dash cam footage captured the failed “crash for cash” attempt of a witless cyclist.

The video clearly shows the man throwing myself off his bicycle metres away from the car, before lying in the middle of the road and feigning injury, reports Newsflare.

The incident, which occurred on the busy A52 in Nottingham, was over within seconds.

“Excuse me, we have a dashcam, so you might want to get going,” said Jack Campion, sitting in the passenger seat of girlfriend Elizabeth Aspey’s car.

Angered by his foiled attempt at getting some quick cash, the cyclist proceeds to pick up his bike and march towards the car, before having a change of heart and skulking away.

Elizabeth Aspey commented: “We were on our way home from Nottingham to Stoke at about 8.30pm.

“I thought he was just being an idiot in the middle of the road with his bike so I slowed down, then he threw himself on the floor.

“I just count myself lucky that I wasn’t alone and that I had a dashcam to film it all.”

Dave Reeves, father of Elizabeth, commented: “We’re assuming that it was going to be an insurance scame of some sort.”

According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, crash-for-cash scams costs the car insurance industry £336million pounds each year.

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