Diagnostic Assistance Software – Save £30 (just £165 + VAT)

Diagnostic Assistance Software – Save £30 (just £165 + VAT)

New and Innovative Vehicle Technical Assistance Software


Diagnostic Assistance is new PC based software, containing a vast amount of information to help vehicle diagnostics.

Hickley’s customers have described it as just-in-time-learning, plain speaking technical assistance, an interactive diagnostic reference, ‘engine bay’ help system, oscilloscope easy reference.

It’s an ideal easy reference for Service, Diagnostic and Master Technicians

Diagnostic Assistance Key Features:

  • Over 600 A4 pages of Information
  • 67 Component Tests
  • 165 Comparative Waveforms
  • Scan tool Datastream Descriptions
  • 1000s of Diagnostic Trouble Code Definitions.
  • MasterTechTM Notes Guidance
  • Symptom Diagnosis
  • Test Records and Job Notes

View more details or buy online using the code DGASSIST to save £30 + VAT!

Valid : Until 31st May 2013

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