Benefits of joining Servicing Stop network

Reap the rewards of joining a network that works with 1,500 garages nationally

Benefits of joining Servicing Stop network
Servicing Stop network reports sharing millions in total.

Servicing Stop says independent garages can boost their revenue by joining their network, whose members are reported to share £60 million.

Reported benefits

  • Exposure to more potential customers – Servicing Stop’s website received four million visits last year alone.
  • Garages reportedly receive up to ten extra jobs per day.
  • Increased revenue, meaning prospects such as expansion.
  • Continuous stream of work with no obligation to take jobs.

In the car servicing world, Servicing Stop act as an independent body, there to give customers an amazing, affordable, stress-free service they can trust.

Servicing Stop work to keep garages in business. The company has provided over £60 million worth of work to their garage network; with a growing customer base they are on the lookout for more garages to share the rewards with.

For more information call 0203 906 1791, email  [email protected] or click ‘more details’ below.

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