Latest screen wash promotions at GSF Car Parts

"One shot" and "all season" formulations available

Latest screen wash promotions at GSF Car Parts
Multi-case savings available now.

Vetech screen washes are specially formulated for amazing visibility, no matter what the weather; now available from GSF Car Parts at competitive prices.

Vetech one shot screen wash is available for £0.75 + VAT per 100ml, or a case of sixty 100ml units for £36.95 + VAT.

Also available is the Vetech screen wash all seasons, at the price of £2.75 + VAT per five litres or £10.75 + VAT for four five litre units.

Key features

  • Removes frost and light ice.
  • Protects down to -10’C.
  • Repels rain, road spray and dirt.
  • Helps remove insect deposits.
  • Prevents streaking or smearing and wiper judder.
  • Delivers a citrus fresh ambient scent.
  • Suitable for jet washer systems.

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