Tyre changer and wheel balancer package deals at GSF Car Parts

EAE and Dunlop tyre bay packages at GSF include tyre changers, wheel balancers and assist arms

Tyre changer and wheel balancer package deals at GSF Car Parts
Dunlop tyre bay package at GSF Car Parts.

GSF Car Parts are offering savings on EAE and Dunlop tyre bay packages.

Save £400 on the Dunlop tyre bay package at GSF Car Parts, which is now only £2,595 + VAT or £13.77 + VAT weekly.

Included with the package is the PCL airforce tyre inflator worth £42.99.

Fully automatic tyre changer with assist arm

  • 10-20” wheels clamped on outside, 12-23” clamped on the inside.
  • Complete with air filter regulator, tyre inflation gauge, tyre lever, alloy protection kit and soap bucket.
  • Tilt column action with increased HD slider arm and demount head.
  • Ideal for low to medium volume workshops.
  • Assist arm for low profile and run flat tyres and alloys.
  • Single phase.
  • CE Approved.

Electronic wheel balancer

  • Alloy wheel programme.
  • Static balancing programme.
  • Three alloy functions.
  • Single phase 240v.
  • Maximum wheel weight 65kg.
  • Maximum wheel diameter 1000m (including tyre).
  • Balancing accuracy one gram.
  • Balancing speed 200 RPM.
  • Rim diameter 10” – 24”.
  • Rim width 1.5” – 20”.

The EAE package is available at GSF for purchase as a package deal of £2,195 + VAT or £11.65 + VAT weekly.

EE-3096AV2 Wheel balancer

EAE tyre bay package.

  • CE certified.
  • For passenger car, motorcycle and light commercial vehicle wheels.
  • Hand-operated distance and wheel diameter input.
  • Various balancing modes.
  • Self-calibration and diagnosis.
  • Plastic safe-guard works as the start and stop.
  • Optional centre-less wheel adaptor, motorcycle adaptor and ltruck and van cones.

EE-4880ID Tyre Changer

  • Pneumatically operated tilting column.
  • Simultaneous pneumatic horizontal and vertical arm locking.
  • Pneumatic bead breaker.
  • Durable and convenience operation.
  • Rear air tank serves as tubeless tyre inflating device.
  • Tilting column and pneumatic locking system.

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