Workplace heating solutions from GSF Car Parts

Range of ZM multi-fuel oil heaters with or without flue kits now available

Workplace heating solutions from GSF Car Parts
ZM130 and ZM150 heaters available from GSF Car Parts.

GSF Car Parts is providing the perfect winter heating solutions with Z.M. multi-fuel oil heaters, available with or without flue kits.


Reliable, efficient, versatile heating for smaller sized workshops available for just £1,059.00 + VAT or £5.63 + VAT per week (987AA722K, with flue kit).

Alternatively available without the flue kit (987AA7200) at £899.95 + VAT or £4.78 + VAT per week.

  • Built-in fuel storage tanks.
  • Simple control panels with unique 5x LED operating function display.
  • Fully variable output control.
  • Blower fans for the winning combination of radiant heat and air circulation.
  • Multi-fuel, waste engine oil, hydraulic oils, red diesel, diesel or bio-fuels can all deliver clean, efficient workshop heat.
  • Fast and free UK delivery, arrives in just 2 to 3 working days.
  • Draft stabilisers included, simply add or connect to 150mm flue.
  • Safety controls; overheat and overflow protection switches.
  • Cleaning pan included to quickly scrape and clean away any soot.


Available at just £1,225.00 + VAT or £6.50 + VAT per week with flue kit (987AA721K). 

Alternatively, without flue kit, available at just £1,095.95 + VAT or £5.81 per week (987AA7210) 

  • Designed for multiple fuels – with resistant stainless steel combustion chambers and heat exchangers, with easy access to clean.
  • Simple design using strong materials, for longer operating life.
  • Supplied with European oil burner.
  • Connecting hoses included, supplied with either floating pick-up or in-line filter.
  • Safety controls, all burners have overheat, overflow and flame-out protection included.
  • Push button control, turn on / off or add a room thermostat / timer to control remotely.
  • Lower maintenance, higher burning temperatures reduce cleaning frequency.
  • 12 months warranty.


This heater boasts class-leading features including 75 litre fuel tank, massive 52 kW maximum heat output, high capacity blower fan and unique built-in heat exchanger.

Available at just £1,599.95 + VAT or £8.49 + VAT per week, with flue kit (987AA722K).

Alternatively, without flue kit, available at £1,445.95 + VAT or £7.67 + VAT per week (987AA7220).


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