Get a free Vamag wheel alignment technician for a day

Need an extra pair of hands in your workshop? Vamag has you covered

Get a free Vamag wheel alignment technician for a day
Vamag are offering an extra pair of hands for the day for independent garages.

Vamag is offering one of its approved technicians for the day to any independent garage that books a demonstration of their wheel alignment equipment.

The Vamag technician will spend the day with your team checking the wheel alignment on every vehicle going through your workshop and providing a printout for the customer.

It’s the responsibility of the garage to book the vehicles in for the wheel alignment check.

Adjustments must be carried out by the garage’s technicians (under Vamag’s instruction).

A four post lift or an inspection pit is required to make adjustments to vehicles.

Vamag Vector 4-wheel camera aligner

  • Includes more than 15,000 technical vehicle features.
  • Bluetooth connectivity means workshop location is flexible.
  • Vehicles measured in minutes.
  • Shows results before and after adjustment.
  • Haweka pro-clamps give precise readings with no need for rolling out

To book your free technician for a day call the Vamag team on 01752 219124 or email [email protected].

For further information about Vamag, click ‘more details’ below.

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