Monthly software subscriptions now available with Hickleys

Pay monthly is available on the majority of software packages for Delphi, Bosch, Texa and Autocom

Monthly software subscriptions now available with Hickleys
Visit Hickleys website for an extensive list of available software subscriptions.

Pay your diagnostic software subscription monthly with Hickleys, for example, a Bosch Master Pack Plus costs £1326.00 + VAT per annum; assuming per cent increases every year, your likely payments would be £4180.00 + VAT.

With a Hickleys pay monthly subscription plan, you pay just £120.00 + VAT per month (£4320.00 + VAT in total).

That’s just an extra £140.00 for the facility to spread your payments over three years.

How it works

  • Minimum term three years.
  • No single large capital payment required.
  • Pay monthly as you go.
  • Benefit from the very latest software as you pay for it.
  • Fixed cost of software for three years – no price increases.
  • Hassle free – no renewal dates to remember for three years.
  • Rationalise all your software contracts into one monthly payment.
  • Your payments will be fixed at a set monthly price for 36 months.

The prices are based on a lease purchase finance package for three years.

Acceptance is subject to status and approval.

For further information, click ‘more details’ below.

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