Power-TEC parking distance sensor hole cutter

Assembly kits for parking sensors

Power-TEC parking distance sensor hole cutter
Professional results every time whenever you need to cut holes for parking distance sensors.

Part of the Power-TEC range of parking sensor kits for 18.2mm, 18.4mm and 26mm holes.

These sets are available now from your Power-TEC supplier and very good value at a typical trade price of just £110.40 + VAT.

  • 18.2mm cutter plus clamps to keep the sensor brackets in place while the mounting adhesive sets

Parking sensor kit: 18.2mm, 18.4mm, 26mm

  • 18.2, 18.4 and 26mm cutters plus three sizes of clamp

For more details call 01926 815000 or click ‘more details’ below.

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