Ten per cent saving on Prosol MOT wall panel three pack

Common MOT failures, MOT test customer information and headlamp aim testing panels

Ten per cent saving on Prosol MOT wall panel three pack
Clear, concise information on headlamp aim testing procedure with easy to interpret graphics and important reminders for special conditions.

Developed in conjunction with DVSA, this hard wearing PVC poster provides indispensable information relating to the MOT headlamp aim testing.

The A2 poster is printed on a flexible moisture and dirt resistant PVC panel and is available from Prosol for £14.90 + VAT.

This poster is also available as part of a three-pack special offer.

Get the common MOT failure item poster with MOT test customer information poster and headlamp aim testing wall panels from Prosol as a three pack and save over ten per cent.

This three pack is available from Prosol for £51.00 + VAT with free delivery.

For further information, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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