Stop-flo valves savings from REMA TIP TOP

Special offer lasts until the end of 2018

Stop-flo valves savings from REMA TIP TOP
A properly selected stop-flo valve will instantly cut off the rush of air due to the hose failure.

You can now save on the cost of Stop-flo valves now available from REMA TIP TOP at just £18.00 + VAT (RRP £26.50) until 31 December, 2018.

Stop-flo valves are designed to protect the operator from injury and property damage in situations where an air hose could fail or become disconnected while under pressure.

Key features

  • Couplings, nipples, sockets etc must have the same thread size as the stop-flo valve selected i.e. 1 ” BSP SFV = 1 ” BSP fittings and hose bore.
  • The use of teflon tape in assembling stop-flo valves to an air delivery system is not recommended.
  • Please refer to information stamped on each stop-flo valve prior to installation for correct orientation.
  • Arrows shown on drawing are to illustrate the air flow direction only.

For further information, call 0113 3858602 or email [email protected].

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