New battery starting and charging equipment from SIP

Up to 100A power supply maintains stable voltage during vehicle ECU, reprogramming and diagnostics

New battery starting and charging equipment from SIP
SIP's starting and charging collection features suitable boosters, chargers and starters for amateur and domestic, professional, commercial, and industrial applications.

The Chargestar 100BSU battery support unit ideal for garages and workshops of all sizes, available from SIP for just £699.99 + VAT.

Key features

  • 100amp charger/power supply.
  • Voltage set between 13.0v – 14.8v.
  • SLA, AGM, GEL, calcium, and stop-start.
  • Variable charger rates; 04amp, 20amp and 70amp.
  • Integrated digital voltmeter and ammeter.
  • Dual temperature controlled cooling fans.
  • 70amp continuous output (supply).
  • 100amp for short time (three minutes).
  • 5.0m heavy-duty cable and clamps.
  • Fully adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Manual mode with digital timer.
  • Durable, hard aluminium case.
  • Convenient large carry handle.
  • Fitted with an Anderson plug.

For more information, call 01509 500500, email [email protected], or click “more details” below.

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