EDT league table highlights ‘best performing garages’

First ever table reflects top eight garages within EDT network

EDT league table highlights ‘best performing garages’
EDT has published a league table to show the results from some of its best performing garages.

The new league table from EDT identifies the garages within its network that have utilised EDT’s engine cleaning machines on the most vehicles.

The top spot goes to a Ford main dealer who performed over 1,318 engine cleans in their first year; second place goes to a Peugeot dealership who’ve clocked up 714 cleans to date.

Completing the top three with 476 vehicles cleans is Collinsons Motoring Services, an independent garage based in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

The remaining top performing garages were:

  • Drive In AutoCare, 399 EDT Cleans
  • Stan Reynolds Garage, 260 EDT Cleans
  • AWJ Automotive, 256 EDT Cleans
  • Mercury Cars, 256 EDT Cleans
  • Claytons MOT, 192 EDT Cleans

David Holmes, director of EDT Automotive, commented: “Each garage in the top eight of our league table has made a strong contribution to the success of EDT Automotive.

“It shows that demand for EDT treatments knows no boundaries; it’s successful across main dealers, independents and specialist repairers.”

The EDT ‘Best Results Generator’ resource enables partners to access strategies to promote their EDT service to potential customers, such as utilising marketing materials like reception posters and EDT prompt stickers, and highlighting EDT treatments on mechanical repairs.

EDT offers its partners re-training when required, to ensure all businesses can both use and sell its EDT service.

“The partners’ ‘Best Results Generator’ is a great example of the power of working together using our relationship strategy,” continued David Holmes.

“It has delivered substantial success for both our partners and us.

“We are very proud of our EDT garage network’s success so far and look forward to seeing who achieves top position in our next EDT league table.”

To learn more about EDT Automotive, click ‘more details’ below.

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