Why independent garages need to face up to hybrid and electric

GW columnist, Craig Harrity talks hybrid and electric vehicles and asks if independent garages are prepared

Why independent garages need to face up to hybrid and electric
Just one per cent of technicians working within the UK are competently trained to work safely with this high voltage technology.

Market trends are showing a rise in sales of electric and hybrid vehicles and, with investment incentives and tax cuts available from government and regulatory authorities, environmentally conscious consumers are opting for greener choices when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle.

Earlier this year, Volvo announced that it would stop making vehicles solely powered by internal combustion engine from 2019.

A couple of months later and now Jaguar Land Rover say that by 2020 all of their models will be electric or hybrid.

With media documenting vast industry change, we asked ourselves the thought provoking question – is our workshop prepared to welcome these changes?

This featured article first appeared in Garage Wire Views, click here to find out how Craig thinks independents can best prepare for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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