Garage comes out on top after Facebook group owner threatens to ruin business

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    A social media ‘influencer’ has been left red-faced after the owner of an independent garage shared his aggressive messages on Facebook. Dave Aspden,
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    Surprise Surprise another freeloader trying to get something for nothing! Glad the garage sent him on his way. I wouldn’t go anywhere near his car.

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    Jackie Sedgbeer

    I am glad the garage owner came out on top. People don’t realise how hard it is to build a good reputable business. Mr Aspden could have ruined this business in one fell swoop, with his unprecedented accusations. What customers don’t realise is, they are not the only customer this garage has and if this chap had not confirmed his appointment, the garage is not going to turn away paying customers. Would this man have been happy if he was charged for a missed appointment if he hadn’t turned up on the day? I agree with Mario there seems to be a growing trend of free loaders.

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    Ian Ross

    I would of told him to go on his way in the first instance.

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    Gethin HAMER

    I have known Gary for a long time and I’m glad that hes
    been able to turn the tables on this free loader
    It’s hard enough to make a living with it people like this free loader
    trying to ruin a garages business.

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    Mr Aspden is very lucky he is not being sued.
    It would not surprise me in the least if other garages did not end up banning him.
    Who needs that sort of customer?

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    Paul Taylor

    Unfortunately there are to many cowardly keyboard warriors willing to slaughter you on social media I learnt the hard way when a customer decided to attack us on social media by lying, being con artists and over exaggerating about work carried out on his wife’s car then plastered it every where he could and got every one he knows to do the same all because they know they cannot be touched luckily Gary had an angle on him. The only way I could defend myself was to disappear on line and let it blow over as it can get very dirty very quickly.

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    adrian j walker

    Here we go again, the worlds full of arrogant idiots that think they can push honest people into doing something for nothing, hiding behind their key boards or phone,I think the key board jockey should grow some testicles and talk it through with the garage owner. Perhaps its time we started to put these peoples name, address, and reg no on social media, see how they like it

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)


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