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    Reaching a rapidly growing and fully engaged audience, GW provides a digital route to the UK’s automotive aftermarket.

    Rather than try to be ‘all things to all people’ GW content is unashamedly orientated towards the needs and interests of independent garages but we’re also widely received and read among the UK’s most influential motor factors and suppliers too, as well as internationally.

    Find full details about advertising opportunities here…

    [See the full post at: Advertising]

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    Daryl Veal

    Good Morning,

    We’re looking at sending out an MOT Number Plate Guide to Garages in the UK.

    What would be the costs involved to send out a PDF via your Email Channel?

    Is Garage wire a digital publication only?

    Kind Regards

    Daryl Veal

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    Morning Daryl, many thanks for posting. Would you mind emailing me via and I can forward on the appropriate information for you.

    Best regards,

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    Paresh Ruparelia

    Hi Can you send me a media pack please

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    Kristian Jadoc

    I would like to say that I enjoyed browsing your domain. Your content looks to have great readership value.
    We don’t know each other yet but I work for QWERTYlabs that employs a number of talented and experienced copywriters who deliver content on a wide variety of subjects.
    I was wondering if you’d like to accept an article that matches the editorial style and topics of your website. Since an article would contain a contextually integrated link to our partner’s website, we would be willing to pay you for publishing it.
    Let me know what you think and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

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    Jennifer Glover

    My name is Jennifer Glover and I am the Marketing Assistant at Payment Assist and I would really like to touch base with you to see if we can get an article or two about our amazing financial solutions company, to spread the word that we are one of the 49th FT1000 companies, who work with garages such as Honda, Hyundai and many more to help with payment plans for their consumers needs. We are very keen to work with you in extending our customer platform with your business and 2021 is a great time to grab the audience’s attention as we know it is a very difficult time for everyone.
    Furthermore, I would love the opportunity for our directors and marketing team to have something to say regarding what we do and how we have developed over the years, with receiving such a fantastic response from the different companies we deal with and their end users on trust pilot and in branch. We are recognised as one of the first companies to have payment plans with soft credit checks and no interest or fees in place for garages all over the UK, and I believe, using your platform as one of the most recognised automotive websites, there will be a lot of interest for development of customer acquisition.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you and knowing your thoughts.

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    Jennifer Glover Feedback you say

    1) how piss poor is that, just a company name, no mention
    Of location, website, telephone number.

    2) add some paragraphs to your writing

    3) assuming the “payment assistant” on companies house
    Is your company, your both your directors resigned
    Record and mention of company with in administration
    Is nearly more than my arrest record.

    4) trust pilot, was too lazy to look harder, does not seem to
    Be claimed on their!?

    5) the fact you work with garages, must mean they are charging too much

    6) perhaps you could rewrite your above post.


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