BREAKING: Fierce opposition as shock report calls on ministers to scrap the MOT test

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    the mot test is just a money maker for garages yes i am a tester in all classes the mot test does not keep dangerous cars of the road you can now get a mot for any car easier than ever before there are so many bent testers willing to make a quick buck you need to remember the mot only applies to the day it is carried out so i agree scrap the mot system

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    It was not too long ago when I read something on the internet about the Government banning all vehicles from the roads in about 20 years time, well I just laughed, then a few days later the same source of Government information turned over their own decision and said they are not banning vehicles in 20 years time now!

    It is fair to say that vehicles are of a much better build quality now than ever before, but the manufacturing industry still have to pay wages and overheads, subsidized by government funding I’ll bet. If the government remove all vehicles except driver-less ones, and lets also get rid the of the mot scheme, and very importantly, lets get rid of all the training and the experienced individuals who can service, maintain and repair vehicles, then the unemployment can sky rocket through the roof, then long term loose all the skills and see where the office based pen pushers get their ideas from to train an up-coming generation that are not really interested in maintaining and repairing modern vehicles anyway looking at their college courses that are purely run to get government funding to say their types of targets have been met?

    A lot of members of the public will always believe that the garages are ripping people off when the public don’t believe or understand, or choose to not understand when their vehicles do require maintenance, because the built quality is exceptionally good to what it was 20 or 30 years ago.

    Now who’s fault is all this?

    DVSA said some 30 years back that trained professionals were not needed to carryout mot testing, they said they could take the average jo blogs and show him/her how the test is done and read from a book telling the tester what decision to make, simple, what is the problem with that one?

    Back in the 1980’s the college lecturers used to talk about licencing the trade then, it’s never happened and probably never will, so what is the solution to all these problems, I’ve realised an easy solution!

    Let the government take full responsibility for road transport full stop, and let then provide for all the people in this country as they are supposed to, you will be much better off without the daily stresses you are all under, and when the sh1t hits the fan, stop blaming each other and just point the finger very aggressively back at the idiots that dreamed up the bulsh1t in the first place and stand united and don’t give in, job done. Stop worrying and let it happen and see where it ends up, it’s never happen ever.

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    the cars that are ‘self maintained’ are often the ones that fail the most on MOT’s on very dangerous things, the owners often arguing that they service their car better than any garage but they do not know what they are doing.

    Abolishing the MOT’s are a sure fired way to increase dangerous cars, yes I’ve driven in countries without MOT’s, and yes they have a lot of older cars on the road, and yes they keep longer distances as there is a good chance most of them don’t have working brakes! I suppose on the flipside, if you believe every car around you can’t stop you would probably take more care…

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    Eddie Bamber

    As a breakdown Patrol, I often attend vehicles for something like an engine that’s cut out. Looking around the vehicle, I’ve pointed out to the owners on many occasions that their tyres have no tread. They’ve been totally oblivious to this. We’re not talking about people trying to run a car on a shoestring, but sometimes people like doctors or other professional people who are so wrapped up with their own work that they totally neglect their cars. You can imagine the consequences of a tyre blowing out on themselves or other members of the public. Yes, keep the m.o.t, but some of the idiotic recent changes need reversing.

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    Hi I am a class 4 mot tester, I used to work for a large dealership and because the vehicles averaged only 7 years my failure rate was only 30% and then most probably only fail on 1 or 2 items. I now work for a smaller garage, the cars average 10 years and I can’t believe how unsafe some of them are. My average fail rate is now 50% and some cars failing with lists of dangerous faults. I don’t believe it’s easy to get a bent mot. If a fault is missed on the mot and is reported even 3 weeks after the test, the mot tester will be responsible, long live the mot it takes dangerous cars off the road

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    As a small garage/MOT repair business we have some very dangerous vehicles coming in with brakes fitted wrongly and therefore not being effective, fuel leaks and bald tyres. The MOT is often the only times these vehicles get checked and therefore you may be putting the lives of other road users at risk.

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    PETE G


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    anthony roe

    There are some idiots about for sure, scap the mot test no way, they are not a rip off either for garages to make money some of us are honest testers not bent, straight down the line, i will repeat what others have said already the mot test is the only time the car goes to a garage unless it breaks down of course, some people yes work long hours and they forget about their car but i would say at least 30% of drivers are just too damn tight to spend money on their car they begrudge it and yes spend the absolute minimum every single time , and as long as it starts every day they do not go near a garage it is as simple as that, they will drive from my garage to another 2 miles away cuz his tyres are £2 less than mine its cost them that in fuel to get to the other garage, and don’t even see that time is money anyway ,but they have safed money according to their thick minds, loads of brains but no common sense, almost laughable, long live the mot we certainly need it in this country that’s for sure

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    Derrick hemingway

    Every day in our garage we have people who present vehicles saying “if you pass it I’ll get it done next week” our standard reply is, the test is today, you should have prepared it last week, the general public think the test is a joke,like a previous post “I maintain my own car” we see dozens of cars a week maintained by the Ed China’s of this world, most fail the test, instead of DVSA constantly harassing test stations they should place a lot mor emphasis on educating the public about the importance of having a proper test done.

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